New Year. New Goals.

So in many ways, 2016 was pretty rough… For the world and for personal reasons… But 2016 is almost over, which means that it’s time to take a quick look at what’s happened and start looking forward to what’s next.

When I take a look back at my year in climbing, I had definite struggles as well as progress and clear high points. I spent a good part of the year learning how to deal with failure a little more gracefully, but was also able to see some success from basically a full year of climbing training. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend time doing what I love with incredible people, and am hopeful that 2017 will bring more experiences, successes, and the life lessons that continue to make me better. Here are a few things I have learned that I will bring forward into 2017:

  • Remember to be grateful for what you have, and especially for the people in your life who love you despite your flaws.
  • Give yourself credit for the small victories; just because you didn’t send the proj doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy for what you have achieved, even if it’s just “I was able to do a move that I couldn’t do before”, or “I got totally shut down, but managed to still have fun!”
  • Training works. I made huge strides in my climbing (and jumped up two V grades outside) by being diligent with training.
  • Training can cause unreasonable expectations: Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the results of your training right away… It can take time to fully realize the gains you have made.
  • It’s ok to be vulnerable; let people see your failures and flaws as much as they see the successes.

So it’s almost 2017 and I plan on making it the best year EVER! To start it out, I have created not only a list of goals for the year (including a really long tick list), but I have also decided to make quarterly goals to keep myself on track. I have written an 8-week training plan for myself to start the year out with and hopefully get STRONG for the spring climbing season 🙂

Here are a sample of some of the climbing goals I have for the year:

  • Get outside climbing by myself at least 3 times; it’s good for the soul.
  • Complete my 8-wk training plan; it’s good for the body.
  • Do a short yoga session including meditation at least 5 times a week; it’s good for the mind.

Stay tuned for my next blog post that will detail what I am doing for my first two months of training 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!!!



Cover photo by Greg Orlov

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