Leaving the boys at home.

This last weekend I organized a ladies-only bouldering trip to Squamish, BC. I like to do this at least once a year, because I find that being outside climbing with just women is a completely different experience, and one that I really value and cherish.


First of all, I have to say that the group of ladies that attended this year are seriously some of the most talented, intelligent, and badass women that I have ever met! We had a total of 9 women, including two engineers, a future surgeon, a geologist, sustainability experts, a professional yogi and philanthropist, a family therapist, and a women who is a professional chef, yogi, AND drummer in a band! So the fact that these women are also absolute LADY CRUSHERS on the rock is probably the least impressive thing on their resumes…

Abby crushing the ultra-classic Sloppy Poppy

The thing I love most about climbing with just women is that there is just a completely different vibe than when I go with men. There was very little ego and bro-y beta spray, but instead the weekend was filled with so much positivity, support, and of course laughter! It also feels like a very empowering experience because we are all independent and capable women. We don’t need boys there to setup pads or give us spots on highballs, we got this!

Aubrey cruising the opening sequence of Easy Way Out


It was also a very refreshing weekend for me because I have been struggling with managing my expectations and staying motivated with bouldering, but being surrounded by so many positive women this weekend, it was hard to not be psyched!

So next weekend its probably back to climbing with the full crew (which I also love), but for any lady who has never ventured out to the crag without the boys, I highly recommend it!! Here are a few reasons why it’s great to leave the boys at home from time to time:

  1. You will have to put up with way less penis jokes.
  2. The beta you receive will be likely coming from someone closer to your own body type, making it much more useful.
  3. The conversations are much more varied and insightful.
  4. Seeing ladies crushing is way more inspiring and beautiful than watching dudes climb.
  5. The group as a whole smells much better (someone in the group may even have lavender scented chalk!).
  6. It is empowering to be totally self-reliant and to take full responsibility for your own safety and the safety of those around you.
  7. Because we don’t need to be around those boys ALL THE TIME.

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